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sofatutor makes learning easy! We offer many great videos and exercises on our online learning platform to help you learn your school material quickly and easily. You’ll stay motivated and improve your grades in no time at all.

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Online learning

  • Videos are adapted to current lifestyles and the latest state of research.
  • Videos can also easily illustrate abstract concepts.
  • Searching facilitates effective learning. Gaps in knowledge are filled more easily.
  • Short videos motivate students to continue learning.

Learning offline

  • Textbooks quickly become out of date.
  • Books explain abstract learning material in a more complex way.
  • It’s difficult for students to find their way around a textbook if they don’t understand the basics of the subject.
  • Long factual texts are confusing and inhibit motivation.


Nowadays, it’s normal to have a topic explained to you online with the help of a video. All it takes is a few minutes to check up on what you didn’t understand in class. When you learn with videos, you use more of your senses. They help you understand boring school material in a straightforward way and at your own pace. You can stop, fast-forward, rewind, and watch the videos again. Your memory likes this, and stores the information more easily.


To make sure you remember your school material properly, you should review it directly after watching the videos. Online exercises make it very easy for you to do this. You can see right away if you haven’t fully understood something yet. Exercises are varied, entertaining, and adapt to your individual level of knowledge. Once you have solved all the exercises correctly, sofatutor lets you unlock the expert question.


You can easily find the exact learning material you are looking for on sofatutor. All you need to do is enter your school topic in the search box. This saves a lot of time, and you’re the one who knows what’s important.

Abstract learning made easy

When you learn online, you can have videos, exercises, and models explain what you haven’t yet understood. For example, you can see how someone solves a task, or see from a 3D model how something is constructed. This way, you can also understand abstract subject matter easily.


You can earn a lot of awards by using sofatutor’s videos and exercises to help you learn. Each time you’re successful at learning, we unlock more levels for you. This motivates you to keep learning, and you can show what you’re made of.


It is important to us that you can learn online safely and without being disturbed. That is why there is no advertising on sofatutor. Once you have logged in, you have secure access to all videos and all exercises. This way, you can study for school quietly and at your leisure.

Tested content

On the Internet, you often find websites that explain a school topic only partially or even incorrectly. Teachers create the videos and exercises on sofatutor – so you can be sure that you are learning the right thing.

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