Repeated Addition: Multiplication

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Repeated Addition: Multiplication

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In this multiplication as repeated addition video...

Chef Squeaks is hosting his cooking show. In this episode, he makes pizzas with different toppings. However, when he reads the multiplication expressions on his recipe cards, he doesn’t know how to solve them! In this video, we teach Chef Squeaks repeated addition. Imani learns what repeated addition is in math too!

What is repeated addition?

Repeated addition is a strategy used to solve multiplication problems. Every multiplication problem can be rewritten as a repeated addition sentence.

Definition of repeated addition

Repeated addition is what we call the addition of a number to itself many times. For example, 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 is the repeated addition equation of two added to itself six times. We can recognize multiplication as a shorter way to write repeated addition. This is how repeated addition is like multiplication. Thus, multiplication can always be written as repeated addition. [img]line 11_ repeated addition like multiplication[/img]

Repeated addition and multiplication

In multiplication, we call the numbers being multiplied together factors. The first factor tells us how many times we should add the second factor together to find the answer, or product. Repeated addition is actually the operation of multiplication expressed as addition. So, we can use repeated addition to solve multiplication problems. Repeated addition and multiplication sentences can be used to help find products. [img]line15_ pepperoni recipe card[/img]

How do you form repeated addition from multiplication?

Multiplication is related to repeated addition so we can restate any multiplication equation as a repeated addition one:

Begin by looking at the first factor. This number tells us how many spaces to make. [img]line 17_ first factor three[/img]

Next, look at the second factor. This tells us what number to write on the spaces. [img]line 18_second factor nine[/img]

Then, write addition signs between each number. [img]line 19_ addition symbols[/img]

Finally, calculate the sum to determine the product of the original equation. [img]line 20_ finding the product twenty-seven[/img]

What is a repeated addition sentence?

A repeated addition sentence is the expression of a number added to itself multiple times. So, what does repeated addition mean? For example, it means 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 is the repeated addition sentence for five added to itself three times. Repeated addition could also be used as a strategy to solve 5x3.

What are examples of repeated addition?

Below are repeated addition examples.

A general example of a repeated addition problem [img]line 28_ repeated addition problem[/img]

Multiplication with a repeated addition model. [img]line 32_ repeated addition model[/img]

Summary of Steps: Write a repeated addition sentence

  • First, look at the initial factor to determine how many spaces to make.

  • Next, look at the second factor to determine what number to write on the spaces.

  • Then, write addition signs between each number.

  • Finally, calculate the sum to determine the product of the original multiplication equation.

Have you practiced yet? On this website, you can also find 3rd grade and primary resources on repeated addition. Try these word problems and activities on multiplication with repeated addition now. There are many repeated addition worksheets with pictures as well.