Commutative Property of Multiplication

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Commutative Property of Multiplication

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Commutative Property of Multiplication - 3rd Grade Video

In this commutative property of multiplication third grade video, Mr. Squeaks and Imani are attending a red carpet event for a movie. In the auditorium, they notice the seats are set in four rows of eight, and eight rows of four. Mr. Squeaks wonders how many people can sit in each section, so he learns to define commutative property of multiplication, along with some commutative property of multiplication examples! Afterwards, they settle in for the movie, which features a big surprise!

What Does the Commutative Property of Multiplication State?

The commutative property of multiplication definition states that the order of multiplication does not matter; the product will remain the same.


What does commutative property of multiplication mean? It means if you rearrange a multiplication sentence, the solution will still be the same. For example, you might rewrite two times five as five times two. This would not affect the product, which is ten for both!

If you are wondering “what is an example of commutative property of multiplication?” then read on for a step by step example and explanation!

Example of Commutative Property of Multiplication

Here is an example of commutative property of multiplication. First, we write out our multiplication sentences two different ways. Here we will use four times eight, and rewrite it as eight times four.


Solving four times eight first, we can see the product is thirty-two. We can even check this using the array with four rows of eight to help us.


Now we can solve eight times four, which we can also see has a product of thirty-two. We can even check this using the array with eight rows of four to help us.


As you can see, both ways of solving the problem still gave the same product. This is what the commutative property of multiplication teaches us!

Commutative Property of Multiplication Review

Remember, the order of multiplication will not change the product. You can rearrange multiplication sentences to make it easier for yourself, as you might know certain multiplication facts more than others. Now you know the answer to the two questions ‘what is the definition of commutative property of multiplication?’ and ‘what is the commutative property of multiplication?’, and know how to use the commutative property of multiplication, you are ready to try some commutative property of multiplication example problems and worksheets on your own!