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Transcript Clever Calculations with Money

Two friends; Blake and Denise go out to eat at the Disaster Zone. But it's no ordinary restaurant...Customers at the Disaster Zone can experience natural disasters while they eat, just like in nature! The two friends have finished eating and are now just waiting for their bill. Oh, their bill's all wet and some of the numbers are smeared. This is perfect! Blake's been dying to try out his new calculator app, but Denise believes she can calculate the missing information quicker than Blake and his app. In order to help Denise with her calculations, she needs to know how to do clever calculations with money. Let's take a look at their bill. Together, Blake and Denise ordered 5 drinks. Each drink costs $1.25. What is the total cost for the drinks? We can write this as a math expression by setting up an equation to look like this. If you see a question like this on your homework, you might be tempted to reach for your calculator, just like Blake. But, if we think of this multiplication problem in terms of money, we can imagine what the answer will be. Five times one is five. That leaves us with 5 times 0.25. What do you know that has the value 0.25? If you said a quarter, you're exactly right! This problem just got a whole lot easier! If you have 4 quarters, you have a dollar, and five quarters gives you $1.25. We just add this to 5 and we have our answer! $6.25. After multiplying the menu prices by how many of each menu item was ordered, the two friends decide to tally the total. Uh-oh! EARTHQUAKE! Good luck hitting those buttons, Blake! Getting back to the bill, they ordered $6.25 in drinks, a total of $13.85 in appetizers, and $26.10 for the main courses, and don't forget their coupon for $1! If we write a mathematical expression for their bill, we get 6.25 plus 13.85 plus 26.10 minus 1. First, let's look at the cents. We can group the 2 and 8, giving us one dollar. Since our coupon is worth $1, we can ignore this part. That leaves us with 5 cents plus 5 cents plus 10 cents. Five plus five is 10...10 plus 10 is 20 cents. Let's write this down. Next, we have to look at the dollars. Now we just have to add 6, 13, and 26. 6 and 13 is 19. Now we have 19 plus 26. Taking away 1 from 26 and giving it to 19 gives us 20 plus 25 which is 45, and adding our 0.20 from earlier leaves us with a total of 45.20. Group the numbers in the way that makes the most sense to you! Since Blake and Denise want to split the bill evenly, we have to divide by 2. Let's break this up again into dollars and cents. Just looking at the dollars, let's break up 45 into 40 and 5. 40 divided by 2 is 20 and 5 divided by 2 is 2.50, so 45 divided by 2 is 22.50. 20 cents divided by 2 is 10, so adding that to our previous answer, we get 22.60 each. Remember, group the numbers in the way that makes the most sense to you! Getting back to the Disaster Zone, Denise is finished with her calculations, but what about Blake? I guess you can't always rely on technology!