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Calculating percent is a very important real world skill. You never know when you will need to calculate the percent of a number, determine the part of a whole, or change a fraction to a percent. For example, what if you found out you could get a 2% rebate on the price you paid for a new laptop, but you would have to write a 2500 word essay to qualify for the rebate.

You might want to find out the amount of the rebate before you write the essay. How do you calculate the percent of a number? Change the percent to a decimal, divide by 100, then multiply the decimal by the number.

How do you determine the part of a whole? If 10% of 50 students apply for the rebate, what is the part or the number of students who apply? Create a proportion with the ratio part : whole set equal to percent : 100 then use cross product to solve for the unknown part. You will need to use the opposite operation to isolate the variable.

For some fractions, raise the terms so there is a 100 in the numerator and the denominator is the percent. For other fractions, divide the numerator by the denominator to calculate a decimal then change the decimal to a percent by multiplying by 100 and adding the percent symbol. To learn some strategies to solve percent problems plus some very interesting statistics, watch this video.

Convert between formats to solve word problems. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.SSE.B.3

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Determine how many burglars take a selfie.
Identify the correct percent equation corresponding to the different word problems.
Analyze each situation and determine the given information.
Calculate the new price of the items.
Explain the meaning of percent.
Determine the unknown value of each example.