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A boat departs from London and travels at a certain speed, and another boat leaves from Amsterdam. The two boats travel on the same path but in the opposite direction… Does this problem make you seasick? Don’t worry, it’s a distance-rate-time problem with travel from different directions.

Use the distance-rate-time formula to solve this kind of problem. The DRT triangle can help you remember the three formulas used to solve problems of how far, how fast, and how long. Distance is equal to rate times time, rate is equal to distance divided by time, and time is equal to distance divided by rate. Which formula you should use depends on which quantity is unknown.

Distance, rate, and time problems when travel is from different directions won't be complicated as long as you stay organized, set up a table and enter all the information you know, and use variables to represent the unknown values. Be careful when using different units of time. You cannot calculate minutes and hours in the same problem, so before calculating the distance, rate, or time, convert minutes to hours or hours to minutes.

To learn more about how to calculate the distance, rate, or time of travel from different directions, watch this video and see how Johnny Crash uses the DRT formulas to solve his problems.

Create equations that describe numbers or relationships. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.CED.A.1

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Exercises in this Practice Problem
Determine when and where the car will crash.
Calculate the rate at which the car travels.
Evaluate the time, if the rate changes.
Find out when and where the two brothers will meet.
Summarize the distance, rate, and time problem.
Determine when Jim has to leave his home to make it to his appointments on time.