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We are convinced that children and teenagers achieve the biggest educational success, when they are encouraged to study in their own time and at their own pace, using various digital means and tools. In order to support this sofatutor, as a company and team, has created a digital learning platform that enables children to study individually, in their own time and from any location. The platform helps them follow up on their school work by using teaching videos, interactive tasks as well as exercise sheets and also encourages them to acquire further knowledge on relevant educational content.

sofatutor is the most prominent online learning platform on the German-speaking market with a team of 140 employees, almost 1 million users and over 10.000 videos. As we keep growing, our next steps involve the internationalisation of our content into the English-speaking market. To have a clear grasp on what children need to learn during their elementary school years in the US, we are looking for a Curriculum Designer (m/f/d) who is motivated to offer valuable insights on specific curricula and to support the establishment of this educational platform on an international market.

You will not be obliged to work from a specific location and you will be able to choose your title of employment, whether it being as a permanent employee, a freelancer or as a supporting consultant.

Your Mission

As a Curriculum Designer (m/f/d) at sofatutor, you will design the educational foundation for elementary school students aged 6 to 11 in the subjects English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Your input will provide a comprehensive curriculum serving as a basis for the establishment of our digital content.
You will:

  • lead the planning and development of new content including courses, lesson plans and other educational resources for online learning
  • develop content related to the most important elementary school subjects
  • mentor other team members, review their work, including peer feedback
  • work collaboratively with our content editorial and our creatives to continuously improve the curriculum and our content

Your Profile

You are a good fit for this job, if you have a strong background in elementary school education in the US, for example by having worked as a teacher in years 1 to 6 or by having been involved in curriculum design at a supervisory school authority. You will need to have a clear understanding of the country’s school system and will need to be able to provide cultural insights on the educational system in order to assist the production of authentic video content. As an ideal candidate you should meet the following requirements:

  • have completed a degree in education successfully
  • have at least 3 years of educational experience in the US
  • OR have worked in a more supervisory position of curriculum development, e.g. at a school authority
  • have an overview of competitors in EdTech and the online learning market as well as an interest in constantly gathering further information to stay ahead of them
  • offer very good organisational and planning skills
  • have the motivation to drive this project forward, with a can-do attitude and an openness for others’ ideas
  • have the passion for helping elementary school children in their educational success by using new digital means and tools

Our Promise

Working with us will give you the opportunity to implement your ideas from the very beginning onwards. You will guide most areas of responsibility autonomously, but will have a reliable team and head as sparring partners at your side. Within sofatutor’s company culture we value transparency, regular feedback and teamwork highly. Further benefits include:

  • independent tasks and areas of responsibility
  • open communication with a fair feedback culture to continuously develop your strengths and potential
  • flexible working hours, with the opportunity to work from your choice of location, as well as services such as virtual sports classes assisting you in your personal healthy work-life balance
  • working on an exciting and innovative product in the education sector shaping the future of education

About us

For more than ten years, the online learning platform “” is supporting students on all levels in learning independently and is also widely used in teaching. We believe that students can reach their full learning potential if they are given the freedom to go their own ways and set individual goals. With didactically tested learning content in 13 subjects, our product adapts to the individual learning progress of students and helps them to improve grades. More than 100 employees work on our learning videos, practice problems and worksheets to show students that learning is fun. Bring in your talents and make our mission your own!

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