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About this job

As a freelance author (gn) for the editorial team, you will design new and creative search engine optimized educational texts for our video pages. A single text you create improves the performance of thousands of students. The texts will help them find videos faster and better understand the topics they cover. We are currently looking for authors in the following subjects: Mathe, English and Science.

Our promise

We offer a flexible and collaborative online work environment that allows you to structure your work however you see fit but also provides you with support and feedback wherever you might need it. In order for you to make the most of the opportunities in exercise creation and turn them into meaningful and helpful tasks, we offer you a collaboration with real added value:

  • For each text created, you will receive a competitive fee and hands-on experience within the field of digital education.
  • In your extensive onboarding we will provide you with all the tools necessary for your job in comprehensive training sessions (online).
  • If you have any technical questions, our editors are always there for you.
  • This position is offered as fully remote and you will have flexible working hours for a good work-life balance.

Your mission

Our goal is your mission: create learning texts that improve grades and are fun to read. Use your creativity to write short, concise, and engaging texts. Here’s what your assignments will look like:

  • Analysis of the respective videos and selection of the most important learning content
  • Creative writing of descriptive or educational texts based on given topic outlines
  • Integration of the texts into the platform via an online interface with direct live previews

Your starting requirements

In addition to your high professional and didactic standards, bring the following qualities to the table:

  • Studying for or having a completed teaching degree/general degree in one of the above subjects
  • Strong spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills
  • Talent for creative writing
  • High affinity for digital learning media
  • Reliability, independence and regular commitment
  • English language skills at C2 level
  • An understanding of how children learn best

About us

For more than ten years, the online learning platform “” is supporting students on all levels in learning independently and is also widely used in teaching. We believe that students can reach their full learning potential if they are given the freedom to go their own ways and set individual goals. With didactically tested learning content in 13 subjects, our product adapts to the individual learning progress of students and helps them to improve grades. More than 100 employees work on our learning videos, practice problems and worksheets to show students that learning is fun. Bring in your talents and make our mission your own!

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If you have any questions, you can also reach us via e-mail.