Jobs for people who never want to stop learning

  • Our Goal

    We have shaped the future of digital learning and have developed a learning platform that inspires. With our well-coordinated learning content, we enable students to learn independently and master school while having fun.

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  • Learning & Passion

    We work to improve learning for all students. To do this, we continuously learn and improve ourselves. In order to learn from each other and share our knowledge, we regularly organize internal learning and workshop days. We are convinced that by digitizing learning with sofatutor we will have a positive impact on the school career of all our students. This is our drive!

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  • Fun & Community

    We are only successful as a team, and that is why we focus on supporting each other. We treat each other openly and honestly and meet regularly for special team events. This is how we continue to develop sofatutor. We believe that if we’re having fun, we can create a product that is fun and enjoyable, too!

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  • Flexibility & Responsibility

    Everyone conscientiously bears responsibility for their own area and tasks. Good ideas count more for us than long titles. We retain the flexibility to respond to situations with new solutions.

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  • High above Berlin

    We work together on our mission in our large and bright top floor office with the best view of Berlin. Located in the middle of Friedrichshain, there is an unbeatable variety of options for lunch breaks, and thanks to a great connection to public transport, our office is easy to reach. With countless plants, the office becomes a small urban jungle. There is also everything you need to get through everyday office life: freshly brewed coffee, healthy muesli and fresh fruit and vegetables.

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  • Sports & Exercise

    We like to get together as a team to burn off some energy outside of work. Our sports offer is varied, so that everyone can find the right balance for themselves. At our events we are also happy to face sporting challenges together. A healthy balance is important to us and we are happy to respond individually to the needs of the team.

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Make our mission yours!

​​We are always looking for new team members willing to learn. Are you interested in what we have to offer and want to join our team? Then send us an application by email: