Homework Chat: Helping students with their homework.

Our aim is to establish a chat which will let students get quick and reliable answers from our teachers. This would help students solve problems faster. We currently ensure support via email until this is implemented.

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More Features will come soon

How we help you in the Homework Chat

Digital Whiteboard

Type your question into the chat window, and a teacher will quickly get in touch to help you work out the problem.

You can enter formulas, explain more complicated questions, or simply visualize problems more clearly with the digital whiteboard.

Using the digital board

Picture Upload

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Using any device, even a smartphone, you can send the teacher you're working with a photo of the problem. Just let them know you'd like to do so, and they'll give you the sofatutor email address where you can send it.

Sending pictures to teachers