About Us

Our goal is to provide students across the world with the highest-quality self-paced learning experience possible.

- Stephan Bayer

CEO & Founder


Our story

While cramming for a math exam in college, Stephan Bayer, an amateur film buff, was inspired to use his newly-delivered camera to break down the confusing content of his textbooks into short, simple video lessons for himself. After sharing the videos with his classmates, he discovered a strong need for simple, academic video tutorials, which led to the founding of sofatutor.com in Berlin in the spring of 2007.

Thanks to our international team of dedicated education experts, sofatutor.com is now a go-to platform for K-12 self-paced learning in Europe.

After helping millions of European students, Stephan is ready to bring his vision of a new learning experience to students across the United States. Launched at SXSWedu 2016, sofatutor.com currently provides support for Algebra 1 and will soon expand to comprise a robust curriculum.