About Us

Our goal is to provide students across the world with the highest-quality self-paced learning experience possible.

- Stephan Bayer

CEO & Founder


Our story

While cramming for a math exam in college, Stephan Bayer, an amateur film buff, was inspired to use his newly-delivered camera to break down the confusing content of his textbooks into short, simple video lessons for himself. After sharing the videos with his classmates, he discovered a strong need for simple, academic video tutorials, which led to the founding of sofatutor.com in Berlin in the spring of 2007.

Today, as a leading edtech company in Germany, sofatutor.com offers a one-of-a-kind combination of 13,200 video lessons, 34,100 Practice Problems and a Homework Chat for students requiring additional support. At present, over a million students across three European countries use our platform to improve their academic achievement.

Thanks to our international team of dedicated education experts, sofatutor.com is now a go-to platform for K-12 self-paced learning in Europe.

After helping millions of European students, Stephan is ready to bring his vision of a new learning experience to students across the United States. Launched at SXSWedu 2016, sofatutor.com currently provides support for Algebra 1 and will soon expand to comprise a robust curriculum.